The new ramps

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Another glorious sunny day it was yesterday, and this time I remembered my camera! As well as the ramps shown on the diagram yesterday (and these pictures) I came across plenty more. Most are only accessible by bike if you want to carry any kind of speed into them however. One thing of notes, is that a route through the trees on the right of the 3rd fairway seems to have been cleared a bit, and would make a nice a nice freeride run. That’s more the area of Ade and co, i.e. people with helmet cams, but I might post a video of it if I get round to it.



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Hello, hello, welcome all, to what seems to be the beginning of a bright new spring season for mountain boarding! I’ll be using that as an excuse for why I haven’t posted in a few months, as well as the fact that I’ve been at uni in Coventry without my board. I’ll be taking it back next term however, so in the coming weeks I may have some reports from the woods around Warwick university, the slopes of Kenilworth and whatever non-zero inclines I can find.

Anyway, on to issue one, which is some good news: the ramps at Allestree woods. It seems that the main ramp, near the entrance to the woods, has been rebuilt, and a good many other ramps built around  it. I expect this is the work of younger bikers, since the jumps are a little narrow at the top. I find it heartening to see the younger generation carrying on in terms of building stuff in the woods where we left off, and I only hope these ones don’t suffer the same fate as all the others (touch wood). I’ve been up there twice so far, both times having forgotten my camera, so I’ve drawn a little sketch to illustrate the layout so far.

Ramps layout
New ramps layout

A: Strap in location

B: This is the main jump. It has a bit of a gap instead of being tabletop and the tops are a bit narrow, particularly on the landing but overall construction is good.

C: A kicker landing on flat. This is mostly what I’ve been riding on so far since I haven’t had my spade with me to sort out the main ramp when I’ve been up. Only a small amount of air (enough for a quick grab or a quick 180), but clean and well built.

D: This is the big drop in, leading to quite a sharp drop. From here you can go round to the bank on the left (I) which has been made smoother or hit the new jump at E.

E: Whoever made this was a maniac! A small kicker over a 4ft long x 4ft wide x 3 – 4ft deep pit. The only landing I can see for it is on the side of the main ramp, kind of like an inverse hip transfer :-/

F: Obviously for bikes, a very small ramp with a big gap to landing. Not really suitable for boards.

G: The ramp on the ridge at the back has been built up a little, but unless you go with some serious speed, it’s only really reachable by bike.

H: This ramp was also here before, a little kicker on the chute coming down from the ridge. Like everything else, it has been built upon and improved.

I: As mentioned, this is the bank at the side. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems smoother and easier to ride than before.

Well that’s it for new developments at the woods. I’ll have proper photos of it soon. On to issue two: sessions at darley park.

Two Derby boarders, Phill Holmes and Ade McCordick are organising weekly sessions every Monday at Darley park until the Autumn. They’ll have spare boards, and the point of them is to introduce new people to the sport and let anyone who wants to to have a go. They encourage any and all mountain boarders to come along. For any more information, see Ade’s blog:

Ok, that’s all from me for now 🙂 Thanks for reading.



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To celebrate this blog just reaching 1000 views, here are some pics I’ve not uploaded before:


Oh joy!

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Remolition cameras snapped the exact moment split-seconds before I twisted my foot

About to fail

A full write up can be found here.

Videos from the weekend

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Unfortunately it won’t work when embedded so you’ll have to follow the link to the video on youtube.

Also, a mention to Ade’s blog:

Allestree woods big session

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A lovely sunny weekend it has been, perfect for some good boarding. A few months ago Mark Sewell (a local and a rather good boarder, who surprisingly we’ve never seen at the woods before) arranged a meetup of midlands mountain boarders for a day at the woods. Unfortunately, few weeks before the date, we went up and found the ramp completely and utterly flattened. So we got to work rebuilding it, and after two evenings of work we managed to get it back and bigger that before (I’ll post pics when I get some).

On the day itself, perhaps  20 people met at the woods and we went for a bit of a freeride.

Mountain board Derby crew


I smashed my top hanger (somehow the back one) by hitting a tree, but by the generosity of Ade and others donating some spare parts managed to get it fixed.

My broken top hanger

We also had some pretty awesome jumps being recorded for Remolition, such as:

and plenty of big drops off the sandstone, which will be shown in a vid coming soon. We also found a decent new ramp over a tree stump, one which left me with a badly twisted foot. Although to be fair, I ended up not too bad off compared to some of the others. In all, a great day out.

Rope swing mountain boarding

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Ok, not much boarding been happening over the winter, so this is a vid from last summer that I’ve only just gotten around to editing.

I’ll have more stuff up when it gets dryer.